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Professionalism, dependability, and integrity are the foundations in which Prestige National Security thrives in building and maintaining our reputation. Prestige National Security delivers quality services to assist in increasing company performance and bottom line by analyzing and mitigating threats that could potentially harm company assets, reputation and work productivity.

Prestige National Security treats the business of our clients as seriously as our own. We understand that by working closely with our clients and communities, that we gain clearer expectations necessary in successfully securing the assets needed to support client goals and their mission.

Security officers are professionals, entrusted with clients’ most valued possessions. As such, Prestige National Security implements alternative solutions to hiring security personnel and focuses on those with the highest qualifications. Our security professionals are fully vetted and take part in ongoing professional security and leadership education courses. A well-trained security professional is truly invaluable and we pride ourselves in the continuous education of our team.




Mobile Patrol

Mobile patrol continues to be one of the fastest and most efficient ways to respond and deter many threats. While law enforcement officers do their due diligence in protecting communities, they simple can not do it on their own. Security officers have always been a proficient solution in police officer support, being the eyes, ears, and deterrent needed when those moments count. Prestige National Security offers proactive mobile patrol solutions to deter and respond to any threat.

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Government Security

Prestige National Security understands the sensitive nature and various threats towards local and federal government agencies and departments, as well as the necessary public access to certain government resources. Whether security at the local courthouse, federal buildings, or more classified areas, Prestige National Security

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Whether the job calls for armed or unarmed security, we will guarantee dependable and professional officers with the highest quality training.

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Commercial Security

Upper management of any company has the utmost responsibility of making sure they maintain safe and secure facilities for both occupants and visitors. Whether those threats or hazards are known or unknown, any liability soon becomes too much for any business large or small to handle on their own. Prestige National Security is always ready to step to the helm of any situation to protect what matters most in your company.

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Residential Security

Security and peace of mind for our family, personal belongings, and most valued investments are always at the forefront of every community. Whether residents are at home or away, Prestige National Security can always be counted on to keep your community safe. We can conduct random mobile patrol, access control, response to disturbances, reporting, as well as a visual deterrent so residents can feel and be safe in their homes.

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Critical Infrastructure Security

Critical infrastructures are the backbone of our economy and a necessity to our security, prosperity and well-being. For those same reasons, they are also high-threat assets and targets to those who seek to exploit and undermine these precious resources. Prestige National Security has the experience and ability to integrate with the necessary resources in order to successfully mitigate, secure and respond to these valuable resources with experienced security personnel.

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